Your Online Business Reputation

By Doug Burson and Ken Adams, Sphere Marketer & Analytics

When people are talking about you and your business online, you want to know about it.  Now!

As a small business, it’s important to monitor your online reputation. Gaining the trust of consumers will make or break your company. Positive reviews and word of mouth marketing equate to trust and most people flock to online sites to review a business or get the opinion of friends and acquaintances. It’s essential to your business that you monitor what customers are saying so you can promote the positive reviews and make amends with the negative. Monitoring what people say about you and your business may seem overwhelming, but ignoring online media is costing you money and long-term sales. You must have a detailed summary report of consumer and client feedback that will help you to respond quickly to your customers and identify any areas of improvement within your business.

New Media Has Changed the Game

Your customers are shaping your brand and affecting your bottom line more than ever. Did you know 2/3 of people are more likely to buy from a store if they find positive comments about it online? Conversely, 50%! are less likely to buy if comments are negative.

Monitoring Reviews

The Reviews section monitors the top consumer sites where your business might be mentioned. If you see a bad review, respond with an apology, explanation, or incentive to win back the customer.  If you see a good review, spread it around as much as possible. 90% of shoppers say online customer reviews have a major influence on their decisions to purchase.

How Sphere Marketer & Analytics Optimizes Your Online Value:

  1.  Monitoring Your Social Media
  2.  Monitoring Your Social Profiles
  3. Measured Analytics Of Online Views, Comments
  4. Competetive Online Statistical Comparisons
Improving Online Visibility

Our “Visibility” feature gathers all the locations on the web where your business listing can be found.  It shows you where you’re missing and where the data might be wrong. Online listings are crucial to making sure customers can find your business.  The more consistent listings you have, the higher up on Google your business identity will become.

Listing Distribution

Our “Business Listing” Technology is convenient, reliable and works around the clock to identify conflicting or inaccurate information before it causes any negative results for your company. Our business listing manager will update your listing information with the four major data providers. These providers are trusted by over 300 online directories, review sites, search engines, GPS services, and more.

Maximizing Your Online Reputation

Sphere Marketer & Analytics deploys Google search on over 40 complaint websites. It’s a quick and easy way to perform free daily searches to make sure customers aren’t having negative experiences with you or your brand.

While all of these tools can help you manage your online reputation in-depth, sometimes daily maintenance of your online reputation can be as simple as searching for your name on Google or a social media site.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT:  Doug Burson or Ken Adams, Sphere Marketer & Analytics.  Email:  Phone: 916/349-5988.


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