By Ken Adams and Douglas Burson, Sphere Marketer & Analytics

The most challenging problem for manufacturing organizations today is how to create a competitive differentiation built upon a solid customer experience.


If your business is competing upon “Price” – you have no where to go.

Even as a small or large manufacturing business…your company has a brand and public “personality.”

When it comes to brand recognition, your customer is the person to be convinced.  

The finesse for any organization seeking differentiation in the markets it serves comes through the ability to connect project deployment with the most important needs of the customers.

Resources need to be focused on ideas that will be noticed by customers and have the greatest impact on top-line revenue.

Use customer feedback to structure change management around specific metrics that monitor the impact of innovation and process improvement, based on the value to the customer and the degree of differentiation from competitors’ current products and services.

Your Competitive Advantage and Business Differentiation drives customer loyalty – if the positioning and the improvements being made are really based on what matters most to customers.  Based upon that value…customers then will understand the differences from your competitors’ products and services.

But not all changes in products and services will be noticed and valued by customers.

A better investment is one in which organizations will innovate around items that truly lock in customer loyalty and lifetime value – driven by understanding customer needs and problem-solving from the viewpoint of the customer.


Even manufacturing businesses should be constantly delivering to customers something they value – important strategies, relationship development, superior delivery – the critical differences your competitor is missing.


Turning routine customer satisfaction into customer delight will have more success and a higher return on investment when an organization can separate the product features and services which are expected by its customers from those that are focused on solving customers’ most important needs.

This is nothing short of a complete delivery system designed to view everything through the lens of the customer.

Your manufacturing business can translate the “voice-of-the-customer” into product and service solutions concentrated on improvements most valued by customers and prospective customers.

The outcome, in turn, will result in delighting the customer and outperforming the competition.

Stay ahead of the gravitational pull of manufacturing “commodity thinking.”


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