Discovery. Bridge. Plan.
Sphere Marketer & Analytics – By Doug Burson and Rick Dillon 


As a Business Owner or Sales Leader, when was the last time you met your first – or even your most recent customer?  Clients and prospects aren’t Robots.



Enterprise Fuel: Increasing Your Business Sales and Relationships

What should a Strategic Marketing and Sales Plan Look Like?

Your Plan should look exactly like your current client base…continually building relationships with your clients…and listening.  Simple and difficult.  New clients being attracted, not pushed.  Creative and practical.  Elbow grease and time.

[ ] Research and Summarize Current Marketing/Sales Strategies
[ ] Evaluate Product/Service Difference vs. Key Competitors
[ ] Identify New Sales and Market Opportunities
[ ] Evaluate Potential Salesforce/Customer Service Improvements

[ ] Find The “Right” Questions
[ ] Challenge Your Business Assumptions
[ ] Target and Refine Your “Defendable Business Difference”

[ ] Build An Objectives, Strategies, Tactics Plan – On Budget
[ ] Define Measurable Spending Results/ROI
[ ] Strengthen Client Relationships and Business Referral Opportunities
[ ] Implement and Refine

[ ] Double Your Business Sales


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Sphere Marketer & Analytics: Phone:  816.349.5988

Reference:  The German service robot Toomas featured was designed to welcome customers and help them find items in a store.


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