Building client relationships

By Douglas Burson and Rick Dillon, Sphere Marketer & Analytics

Businesses are built upon relationships.  Not technology.”

Are you growing your company’s most valuable asset – your customers?  When was the last time you, as an authority in your business, spoke with the very first customer who helped launch your business?  When was the last time you met, thought about or uniquely recognized your first customer?


Building a successful Client Referral Program

Are you consistently treating your customers well – with or without their “prospective customer referrals.”

Customers who go to bat for you are the ones you’ve taken care of for the entirety of your relationship.  If your marketing and support communications stopped the moment they signed their contracts – it’s more than likely they aren’t going to be willing to pass out referrals.


Good will is a two-way street.

It’s just plain good business practice to make your customers feel known, valued, and well supported.


This kind of communications helps keep customers loyal when your competitors come calling.

It reduces churn and encourages upsell – and pays off again when your customers become advocates for your brand and your products.

Three ways to help your customers feel good about working with your business:

Automate the onboarding process so your customers have access to a plethora of tools, resources, and additional help (if necessary).

Evaluate the health of your customers scoring each account according to their usage and results.  This will help you identify and prioritize when it’s time to get in touch to provide solutions, troubleshooting, or training.  Get ahead of problems, so you can solve them before they sour the customer relationship.

Give public shout-outs to customers who are killing it.  They may be using your product, but it’s their hard work that’s driving their success.  Acknowledge those who are doing well; they’ll remember it when it comes time to asking for a referral.



Make it easy and clear how your customers can refer you.

If 83% of satisfied customers are more than willing to refer your company, but only 29% actually do – where’s the disconnect?  This could be attributed to many things, but the most obvious is that companies are not asking for that referral – and if they are – they’re not making it easy.

If you want your new advocate to go out of their way to endorse your product or service – the least you can do is give them a simple, clear, easy way to make their referral.

And build your long-term Client Relationships!


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